Blended Learning Essentials – Onlinekurs auf FutureLearn

Blended Learning Essentials – Onlinekurs auf FutureLearn

Du möchtest mehr über Blended Learning erfahren sowie digitale Werkzeuge und Methoden in deinem Unterricht anwenden?

«Whether it’s in the classroom or at work, with colleagues or with friends and family, using digital technology is becoming a greater part of our daily lives.
While robots doing household chores might still be a few years off for most of us, having the right digital skills for studying and employment is essential for an increasing number of us.
And teachers and trainers – the people we rely on to help us succeed in gaining qualifications that help us take the next step in life – need those essential skills as well»

Die University of Leeds bietet auf Futurelearn zwei aufbauende Onlinekurse zu Blended Learning an. In jeweils drei Wochen (4 Stunden Aufwand pro Woche) erfährst du mehr über Methoden, Technologien und wie diese integriert werden können.

Blended Learning Essentials
If you are working in further education, skills training, vocational education, workplace learning, lifelong learning or adult education, this free online course is designed to help you understand the benefits of blended learning and how to make more effective use of technology to support your learners.

Course 1: Getting Started
Course 2: Embedding Practice

«Im Überblick: Verbreitung digitaler Lernszenarien im Hochschulbereich»
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